Replace Unsupported With
Determines what unsupported chars in ID3/MP3 Tags should be replaced with. ID3 Tags often includes chars that are invalid for filenames eg. : or /.
Default:  "_"

Word separators
Some features work on the words of a filename. The New Case method can change case of the first letter of every word, and the Word tag can be used to insert a word from the filename in an other location of the filename. Use this text field to change which characters are used to separate the words.
Default: " .,_-()[]{}!"

Use zero padding in Inc Nr tags
When turned on the numbers produced by Inc Nr and Inc NrDir will have leading zeros. The number of leading zeroes will depend on the number of items in the list or the number of files in the folder depending the tag in use.
Default: On

Checked state affects Inc Nr tags
If checked the Inc Nr tag will only increment for items in the list where the checkbox is checked.
Default: Off